Paquin LLC

Collaborative Innovation,
Creative Solutions, and
Unparalleled Convening
Paquin LLC
Paquin LLC redefines and advances innovation and collaboration in the legal industry and outside of the legal industry.  We are entrepreneurs. We provide creative solutions and bring organizations and people together.  Since 1986, Paquin LLC or its predecessors have created, developed, and led legal industry organizations or certain areas within organizations that drive revenue, cost savings, efficiency, creativity, facilitation, convening, change, education, and thought leadership.  Our organizations or areas within organizations are purpose-built and transformative, and often assist in bridging the gap between law and business.  We regularly partner with corporate counsel, law firm attorneys, law professors, legal vendors, legal publishers, "new model" legal service providers, government attorneys, legal consultants, and others in our efforts.  We work through our existing organizations as we continue to revolutionize the legal industry, we build new transformative organizations or areas within organizations together with others, or we assist others in building their own innovative organization or area within an organization.  We work as owners, joint venture partners, employees in other organizations, independent contractors, consultants, or on some other basis.  We are only limited by our imaginations.
Our representative work for other organizations includes building and leading an AmLaw 100 law firm dispute resolution practice section, a Fortune 50 corporate litigation function, a "Big 4" legal department consulting business unit, a Fortune 200 corporation's employment dispute resolution program office, specialty boutique law firms, specialty boutique consulting firms, a Fortune 10 and a Fortune 100 corporate legal department operations function, and a law school's curriculum on corporate dispute resolution system design and corporate litigation management. 

Utilizing our facilitative approach, we have also developed and led unique specialty associations focused on general counsel, chief litigation counsel, chief operations counsel, distinguished arbitrators and mediators, legal departments, law firms, legal department operations, inside counsel-outside counsel relations, the legal industry, and other areas. Additionally, we have also developed and currently manage an outdoor events center for meetings, retreats, team building, conferences, and other business and non-business group events and gatherings.  
And through affiliated organizations, we also provide strategic advisory and consulting services, arbitration and mediation services, legal services, meeting and event services, managed services, customized education and training programs, facilitation services, specialized research and surveys, advisory board services, speaker programs, "ghost" writing services, convening services, and other services for legal industry and non-legal organizations to assist them in generating new revenue, controlling costs, re-energizing, innovating, refocusing, resolving conflict, and otherwise improving. We have experience with corporate legal departments, law firms, legal vendors, consulting firms, legal publishers, "new model" legal service providers, law schools, legal associations, and government agencies, as well as specific divisions, departments, practice areas, and product lines within those organizations. We also have experience working with organizations and individuals outside of the legal industry.
For more than three decades, Jeff Paquin of Paquin LLC has often been referred to as a legal industry visionary and as a pioneer in certain areas of the legal industry and outside of the legal industry. He is a highly sought after attorney, advisor, consultant, arbitrator, mediator, facilitator, convener, educator, trainer, author, speaker, and entrepreneur.