Paquin LLC

Collaborative Innovation,
Creative Solutions, and
Unparalleled Convening
Paquin LLC
Paquin LLC redefines and advances innovation and collaboration in the legal industry and outside of the legal industry.  We are entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We provide creative solutions and bring organizations and people together.  

Since 1986, Paquin LLC or its affiliates have created, developed, and led organizations or certain areas within organizations that drive revenue, cost savings, efficiency, creativity, facilitation, convening, change, education, and thought leadership.  These organizations or areas within organizations are purpose-built and transformative.  

We regularly partner with others in our efforts. We work through existing organizations as we continue to revolutionize certain industries, we build new transformative organizations or areas within organizations together with others, or we assist others in building their own innovative organization or areas within an organization.  We work as owners, joint venture partners, employees in other organizations, independent contractors, consultants, or on some other basis.  

We are only limited by our imaginations.

Paquin LLC is affiliated with certain organizations it has played a role in creating, including: